Governance Board

The GRMS Governance Board provides the strategic direction and oversees the daily management of the Global Red Meat Standard. The Governance Board consists of representatives from Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish Meat Research Institute.

GRMS Governance Board:

  • Nicolaj Christoffersen, Sector Director, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Chairman
  • Mette Gammicchia, Market Development Director, Danish Agriculture & Food Council
  • Lene Meinert, Sector Director, Danish Meat Research Institute


The operation of the Global Red Meat Standard is managed on a day-to-day basis by the GRMS Secretariat with input from the Technical Working Group and the Stakeholder Group.

GRMS Secretariat:

  • Karsten Bruun Rasmussen, General Manager, Danish Agriculture & Food Council (main contact person)
  • Anne-Mette Olsen, Chief Consultant, Danish Agriculture & Food Council
  • Linda Jensen, Chief Consultant, Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Technical Working Group

The Technical Working Group is maintained to ensure input from meat industry experts, food safety experts, meat manufacturers and industry association professionals.

The group works closely together with the Secretariat and provides technical expertise and advice for the Secretariat and Governance Board. The main task of the Technical Working Group is to supply input to the development and maintenance of GRMS and discuss technical, operational and interpretational issues related to the Standard.

GRMS Technical Working Group:

  • Karsten Bruun Rasmussen, DAFC
  • Anne-Mette Olsen, DAFC
  • Linda Jensen, DAFC
  • Gitte Pedersen, Tican Fresh Food
  • Lene Niss, Danish Crown
  • Mette Agertoft Larsen, Danish Crown

Stakeholder Group

The Stakeholder group is not a formalised group. However, the GRMS Secretariat is in dialogue with Certification Bodies and auditors participating in the scheme, discussing issues of interpretation, implementation and suggested improvements. In addition, exchange of information and feedback from authorities, retailers and other users of the Standard is taking into consideration when reviewing and updating the Standard.