The GRMS is a standard specifically developed for the processes of slaughtering, cutting, deboning and sales of red meat and meat products. In contrast to other more generic food industry quality schemes, the GRMS has been tailored to the specific requirements that apply to the meat industry.

    The Standard comprises the entire productions chain and is, therefore, applicable to all aspects of transport, lairage, stunning, slaughtering, deboning, cutting and handling of meat and meat products.

    The Standard is available for implementation by all interested parties/meat producers within its scope.

    The Standard is free for download. However, a registration fee of 250 € will be levied by Certification Bodies for the release of audit reports and certificates.

    Version 6.0 of the standard
    Published 25 October 2018
    Valid from: 25 October 2018
    Compulsory from: 1 December 2018

    To read the full version of the standard: download the entire standard (pdf).

    Version 6.0 of the guideline
    Published 22 January 2019
    Valid from 22 January 2019

    To read the Interpretation Guideline: download guideline (xls).

    Please note that a misprinting on the “summary and rating page” of the multiplying factors has been corrected as compared to previous version of the guideline.