The Certification Body shall have systems and procedures in place to ensure that auditors conducting assessments meet the capabilities described in ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/TS 22003:2013 (Category C).

The Certification Bodies shall base the recognition of the scopes for auditors related to the scope of GRMS and the GFSI sector C (Animal Conversion), and auditors shall have the required education including a HACCP training course or equivalent and experience within the scope of GRMS.

The verification of the auditor’s ability to carry out work within specific meat categories is the responsibility of the Certification Body.

All Certification Bodies are required to have processes to assess the competence of their own auditors.

Auditors must have a degree in food related or bio-science discipline or, as a minimum, successfully completed a food related or bio-science higher education course or equivalent. Minimum 5 years of experience within the food industry at the level of Manager Operations or Quality Assurance is required.
Auditors must have knowledge of relevant legislative requirements and a good understanding of quality assurance, quality management and HACCP principles as well as animal welfare issues.

DAFC is offering a mandatory one day training program including the standard requirements, audit protocol and personal examination, including assessment of product category knowledge and understanding of HACCP, food safety and animal welfare issues related to the meat industry.

Certification Bodies shall use the GFSI knowledge assessment tool and process requirements provided by GFSI, when applicable. Results of this knowledge assessment are accepted by DAFC in relation to all Certification Bodies and GFSI recognised schemes.

Upon completion of the GRMS-training and before taking up unsupervised duties auditors shall be assessed on their performance in a combination of 10 audit days and 5 audits on GFSI-recognised schemes.
If the specific auditor is already approved for auditing GFSI recognised schemes, only one supervised GRMS audit is required to ensure the assessment of capabilities in relation to GRMS and the meat industry.

The auditors shall keep up to date with best practice in the meat industry, food safety and technological developments and have access to and be able to apply relevant laws and regulations. The Certification Body shall maintain records of all training undertaken.

The Certification Body shall establish, document, implement and maintain a programme, which shall include at least 5 on site audits per 12 months at different sites against GFSI approved schemes within the food industry.

To ensure specific GRMS scheme knowledge each auditor shall carry out at least 1 on site audit per 12 months against GRMS. If this is not possible DAFC will arrange a mandatory training for the specific auditor to maintain scheme knowledge and to re-qualify the auditor.