GRMS is maintained and developed in close corporation with industry representatives and The Technical Working Group is maintained to ensure input from meat industry experts, food safety experts, meat manufacturers and industry association professionals.

The group works closely together with the Secretariat throughout the year and provides technical expertise and advice for the Secretariat and Governance Board. The main task of the Technical Working Group is to supply input to the development and maintenance of GRMS and discuss technical, operational and interpretational issues related to the Standard.

The Technical Working Group has the following responsibilities:

- determination of the content, structure and ranking system
- determination of changes and additions
- determination of the requirements for the Certification Bodies and auditors
- ensure that regulatory requirements are included in the standard
- ensure that best practice is included (technological and scientific developments) in the standard
- annual review of the standard and the audit protocol to ensure that they are still in compliance
- evaluation of GRMS in practice
- input to the annual review

GRMS Technical Working Group:

  • Karsten Bruun Rasmussen, General Manager, DAFC
  • Anne-Mette Olsen, Chief-Consultant, DAFC
  • Linda Jensen, Chief-Consultant, DAFC
  • Gitte Petersen, Head of Department, Food Safety & Laboratory, Tican Fresh Food
  • Margrethe Jensen, Quality Manager, Danish Crown
  • Hanne Uhrenholt, Food Safety Manager, Danish Crown
  • Torben Hansen, THAN-Consult
  • Hardy Christensen, Independent Consultant