The Global Red Meat Standard is a process and product certification scheme. Companies are certified upon completion of a satisfactory audit by an auditor employed by a Certification Body. The Certification Body shall have been assessed and judged as competent by an accreditation body.

Only the Certification Bodies that have GRMS within their ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation scope shall carry out audits against the Global Red Meat Standard and issue reports and certificates. The accreditation bodies granting accreditation to the scope of the scheme shall be members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and shall be signatories to the Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA).

Certification Bodies shall be registered and approved by the scheme owner (Danish Agricultural & Food Council, DAFC). Further details are available in the document ‘Requirements for Certification Bodies offering certification against the criteria of the Global Red Meat Standard’, which is available from DAFC.

A list of Certification Bodies approved by the DAFC is available on this website.

For new Certification Bodies wishing to perform audits against the Global Red Meat Standard, accreditation may not yet have been achieved. In such circumstances the Certification Body will be permitted to perform audits if it can demonstrate:

  • an active application for accreditation against ISO/IEC 17065 from an approved accreditation body
  • that accreditation will be achieved within 12 months of the date of application
  • the experience and qualifications of the auditors are consistent with those specified by DAFC
  • a contract is in place with the DAFC and all other contracted requirements have been met.

The acceptability of audit reports and certificates generated by Certification Bodies awaiting accreditation but meeting the above criteria is at the discretion of individual specifies.