Download GRMS V4.2 Requirements for auditor qualifications (pdf)

The Certification Body shall employ personnel who have the competence requirements to meet all management, administrative, technical and auditing functions within the organisation.
The Certification Body shall have systems and procedures in place to ensure that auditors conducting assessments meet the capabilities described in ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.
The Certification Bodies shall base the recognition of the scopes for auditors related to the scope of GRMS and the GFSI sector C (Animal Conversion), and auditors shall have the required education including a HACCP training course or equivalent and experience within the scope of GRMS.

The verification of the auditor’s ability to carry out work within specific meat categories is the responsibility of the Certification Body.

The Certification Body shall have a structure in place requiring that in order to extend the scope; an auditor must undergo training in the new sector, and conduct supervised audits and must be assessed and signed off as competent by the Certification Body to conduct audits in the new sector.
All Certification Bodies are required to have processes to assess the competence of their own auditors. An essential element of the training and calibration of auditors shall be a witnessed audit programme.
Auditors are observed during an audit and provided with feedback on the performance of the audit.
In order to ensure consistency between Certification Bodies and for the purposes of accreditation, an audit may be witnessed by a representative from DAFC or an Accreditation Body.

GRMS has recorded data for every scheme specific auditor employed by Certification Bodies approved for GRMS certification. Details of auditor qualifications, training, experience and scope of activity in relation to GRMS are held and maintained within this register.

The Certification Body shall include the following in their appraisal program of auditors:

  • An assessment of knowledge and skills within the meat industry
  • An assessment of knowledge of food safety, HACCP and animal welfare
  • An assessment of knowledge of Prerequisite Programs
  • An assessment of the ability to apply relevant laws and regulations
  • An assessment of auditing performance and skills

Auditors must have a degree in food related or bio-science discipline or, as a minimum, successfully completed a food related or bio-science higher education course or equivalent. Minimum 5 years of experience within the food industry at the level of Manager Operations or Quality Assurance is required.

Auditors must have knowledge of relevant legislative requirements and a good understanding of quality assurance, quality management and HACCP principles as well as animal welfare issues.

The verification of the auditor’s ability to carry out work within specific meat categories is the responsibility of the Certification Body.

All auditors must be approved by DAFC.

Certification Bodies must be able to demonstrate that every auditor has appropriate training and experience for the category for which they are considered competent.
It is the responsibility of the Certification Body to ensure processes are in place to monitor and maintain the competence of the auditor to the level required by the Global Red Meat Standard.