With exports to more than 140 countries, Denmark is one of the leading exporters of pork products. This has given the Danish meat industry unique experience and expertise in producing safe meat for meeting the requirements of hundreds of customers around the world.

Based on this expertise, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, in partnership with its abattoir members and the Danish Meat Research Institute, has developed the Global Red Meat Standard (GRMS), a scheme customised to the specific requirements applying to the red meat industry rather than having a broad and general focus. The Global Red Meat Standard was first published in 2006.

The format and content of the Standard are designed to enable an assessment of a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures by a competent third party (a Certification Body) against the requirements of the Standard.

The objective of the Global Red Meat Standard is to deliver transparency about the food safety, quality and hygiene systems that are implemented in factories that slaughter, cut, debone and handle meat and meat products from pork and beef. The transparency is delivered through an independent certification process based on EN 45011.