Danish Agriculture & Food Council represent the farming and food industries of Denmark – Denmark’s largest industry and innovation cluster, producing food for 15 million people, or roughly three times its own population.

A well integrated value chain, attributable to its roots in the farmer’s cooperative movement, has propelled the growth of Danish food companies into European industry leaders. Internationally, Danish products are sought after by the most demanding markets around the world, due to their comprehensively documented quality and safety standards. Danish products are especially prominent in the markets for meat and dairy products, grass seed and grains, furs and fish products.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is a non-profit trade organisation, owned and controlled by its members, representing the entire value chain from farming to the food industry and other related businesses. Its key activities include representing its members’ political interests, gaining market access and export promotion, providing advisory services and supporting knowledge and innovation.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council head office is located in Copenhagen, with subsidiaries around Denmark. It is represented internationally in Brussels, London, Moscow, Tokyo and Beijing.

The vision is to help all members create growth in balance by securing strong positions in global markets as well as in Danish society.

For further information please visit www.agricultureandfood.dk