The Global Red Meat Standard, GRMS, is a scheme specifically developed for the red meat industry. Its cornerstone is product safety, focusing on critical areas affecting the maintenance of high meat safety requirements.

The objective of the Global Red Meat Standard is to deliver transparency on food safety, quality and hygiene in factories that slaughter, cut, debone and handle meat and meat products. The transparency is delivered through an independent certification process based on ISO/IEC 17065.

The Standard comprises the entire production chain and is, therefore, applicable to all aspects of transport, lairage, stunning, slaughtering, deboning, cutting and handling of meat and meat products.

The Standard is available for implementation by all interested parties/meat producers within its scope.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is the scheme owner of the Global Red Meat Standard. The Standard finances itself via industry levy funding and the registration fees paid to the Certification Bodies for the issuing of certificates and audit reports. All revenues are used for developing and improving the Global Red Meat Standard.